Tokyo street drawing

Here’s a time lapse of a recent drawing using a Pilot Cocoon fountain pen.
I’m just gathering all my street drawings together to add to my site over the next few weeks. When I have enough of them I’ll collect them into a zine too.

Gradient Map Tutorial

I created a gradient map set available for purchase on Gumroad here. The tutorial above shows how I start out using gradient maps to create the base of my illustrations to then add more colours and depth. It’s a technique I’ve used for years, but have never seen a tutorial cover it.

Combining gradient maps with comic flats made in Peltmade Multifill is a quick way to feel out a drawing. I’d often use them for designing fill-ins for pieces in the past too.

Remove background tutorial

When I first started to learn photoshop, this was something I always wanted to do. I actually learned it from a book at the printers I worked in, but that was in 1998, the technique was different and ended up creating a much more contrasting image.

Once I’ve finished the above drawing, I’ll do a full breakdown of the process, with adding colour too. Some folk had said this is too quick for a tutorial and it’s hard to understand what is actually going on.
So next time will be slower and more in depth.

It’s been a while

For a while now, I’ve been developing some little looped animations to generate patterns to be used as backgrounds for my paintings and live projection. This started out some years ago, but has now became somewhat of an obsession, it dominates the bulk of the work I produce. In an ideal world I should be able to combine the line drawn characters I have always made with these new patterns. We’ll see…

Motion Graphics

Been learning C4D and After Effects, been starting to get some results I’m happy with. Here’s a recent animation.