Tokyo street drawing

Here’s a time lapse of a recent drawing using a Pilot Cocoon fountain pen.
I’m just gathering all my street drawings together to add to my site over the next few weeks. When I have enough of them I’ll collect them into a zine too.

Gradient Map Tutorial

I created a gradient map set available for purchase on Gumroad here. The tutorial above shows how I start out using gradient maps to create the base of my illustrations to then add more colours and depth. It’s a technique I’ve used for years, but have never seen a tutorial cover it.

Combining gradient maps with comic flats made in Peltmade Multifill is a quick way to feel out a drawing. I’d often use them for designing fill-ins for pieces in the past too.

Remove background tutorial

When I first started to learn photoshop, this was something I always wanted to do. I actually learned it from a book at the printers I worked in, but that was in 1998, the technique was different and ended up creating a much more contrasting image.

Once I’ve finished the above drawing, I’ll do a full breakdown of the process, with adding colour too. Some folk had said this is too quick for a tutorial and it’s hard to understand what is actually going on.
So next time will be slower and more in depth.