Remove background tutorial

When I first started to learn photoshop, this was something I always wanted to do. I actually learned it from a book at the printers I worked in, but that was in 1998, the technique was different and ended up creating a much more contrasting image.

Once I’ve finished the above drawing, I’ll do a full breakdown of the process, with adding colour too. Some folk had said this is too quick for a tutorial and it’s hard to understand what is actually going on.
So next time will be slower and more in depth.

Hyottoko Fireman Timelapse

This is a timelapse of the colouring process I used on a drawing a few weeks back, somehow I managed to speed it up a little too much so 3 hours of work was squashed into just under two minutes.

The next one will have a commentary and I’ll explain the process in detail. You can view the finished artwork over here:

This was a fun theme to research, it’s why I ended up drawing more than one character as there were too many interesting elements to not put them in.