Repeating Patterns. Zap Graffiti

Liverpool to create a new exhibit/installation at Zap Graffiti Arts, mixing my lettering and machine drawings with the generative patterns I’ve been learning to create for the past 5-6 years.
You can view the larger of the two rooms I worked in above and I’ll post more photos from the show soon.
Special thanks to Kieren Gorman from Zap for helping me out while I was there. He’s built a good hub there.

It’s been a while

For a while now, I’ve been developing some little looped animations to generate patterns to be used as backgrounds for my paintings and live projection. This started out some years ago, but has now became somewhat of an obsession, it dominates the bulk of the work I produce. In an ideal world I should be able to combine the line drawn characters I have always made with these new patterns. We’ll see…

Motion Graphics

Been learning C4D and After Effects, been starting to get some results I’m happy with. Here’s a recent animation.

Forest Track

I’ve been putting together a showreel of animation work which is nearly finished, but in the meantime, here’s a camera track test I did with my son, he drew the zombie lady in the shot and is also explaining the rules to ‘hide & seek tig’ as we walk. I’m still amazed by the technology that creates these animations, I don’t think as a child I could ever have imagined coming close to making something like this on a desktop computer.